Family law

Application for client not to accept the divorce of her marriage through a Serbian divorce decree in Germany was successful because the divorce application had not been properly served. The consequence of this was that client was able to inherit her now deceased husband as a not divorced widow.

Appellate Court-Decision of 30.06.2015


According to application, client’s husband was sentenced to provide information about his assets as part of the early share of gains.

Local Court Rastatt-Decision of 12.12.2018


Client’s ex-wife applied for the pension equalization to be carried out, although this had been excluded by a notarial marriage contract, on the grounds that it was void. The client’s defense against this was successful in both instances.

Appellate Court-Decision of 28.01.2022


The ex-wife of a deceased client was registered as the sole owner of a condominium in Berlin. Representing the daughters of the deceased client as his heirs, the establishment of the affiliation of the condominium to the marital attainment according to Bosnian-Herzegovinian law was achieved and their right to a corresponding correction of the land register was enforced in court.

Appellate Court-Decision of 08.12.2016


Complaint for the client and her child against the order of a DNA report to prove the child’s parentage was successful because the Tempelhof-Kreuzberg District Court did not decide on the basis of a hearing as required. In addition, the child has its own right to refuse and the interests of the applicant and the person to be examined must be weighed up as part of the reasonableness test.

Appellate Court-Decision of 31.01.2022


Complaint for client against the exclusion of the pension equalization in the context of divorce was successful, as no gross inequity could be determined.

Appellate Court-Decision of 06.08.2010


According to application, client’s husband was obliged to pay by way of early gain compensation.

Local Court Rastatt-Decision of 18.12.2019


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