Insurance law

Client’s claim, as the beneficiary of the life insurance of her deceased husband, to consent to the payment of the insured sums against his daughters from his first marriage could be enforced in court because the Serbian divorce decree had not been accepted in Germany and the daughters had no right of revocation.

District Court Potsdam-Verdict of 18.07.2017


Legal action for client for compensation for theft damage against the partial coverage insurance of his car was successful, as the insurance did not substantiate the existence of theft damage and no intentional breach of duty was evident.

District Court Cottbus-Verdict of 20.12.2016


Recourse by the motor vehicle liability insurance against client for fleeing an accident was averted because no fraudulent breach of the client’s duty of disclosure could be found, because he succeeded in refuting the possibility of drunk driving and driving without a driver’s license.

Local Court München-Verdict of 12.07.2013


Client’s commercial liability insurance refused to settle damage due to delay with a follow-up premium. The client’s claim for cover against the insurance company was successful, since the requirements for a release from payment according to section 38  (2) VVG were not met due to the lack of receipt of a qualified reminder according to section 38 (1) VVG.

District Court Berlin-Verdict of 29.11.2021


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